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Red Deer Stump Grinding

Landscaping can also mean the cutting of trees which leaves you with an ugly stump. Stump removal is a task that most homeowners consider when the want improve the aesthetics. Removing the tree stump will enhance your landscaping, prevent suckering, fungal root rots and prevents the unwanted tree from growing back.

It is a hectic idea to dig out a tree stump – you may end up using a multiple of tools. Smaller tree stumps can be pulled out using a winch or excavator. In most cases digging out, a stump might not be the best solution for removing the stump on your compound. Chemical stump killers might also be used to remove the stump but this process takes time. If every solution is impossible then you have one option left.

Have you tried stump grinding? Landscapers use the stump grinder (oil powered) to remove a stump main root plate. Most homeowners take the option of renting this machine unless there is more than one stump. The grinder consists of a cutting wheel assisted by a hydraulic system to simplify its cutting and removal operation. The powerful machine is quite noisy.

Before performing the tree stump grinding it is better to prepare the stump by removing rocks that surround it- prevents the wheel from being destroyed while in operation. To speed up the job, some homeowners trim the stump closer to the ground by using a chainsaw. If you are renting the stump grinder, you might need to consult the manual for a safe operation- it is a simple process.

However, if the task was done by a professional time and safety will be well observed. The process is complete until it goes 4-12 in. below the ground. Therefore, the most convenient way is to hire tree surgeons or arborists to help you do a good job. You will benefit by obtaining sawdust. Even though some roots might remain underground, they will eventually rot down.


Where is Red Deer

Red Deer is a city located near the midpoint of the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor. It is the third most populous city of Alberta – after Calgary and Edmonton. We at ABC Stump are happy to offer our stump removal and tree grinding services to residents of Red Deer, Sylvan LAke and Wetaskiwin.

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