We use high quality Stump Removal and Grinding equipment,

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Stump Removal

At ABC Stump we remove the stump so deep you can plant anything you want there, we can go 14″ below ground level. We remove all sizes of stumps, even ones in special locations such as planters. We then rake and airsweep the area.

Stump Grinding

ABC Stump can grind out any stump with minimal damage to your yard.  We grind all sizes of tree stumps, even ones in hard to reach locations such as planters.

Hedge Removal

ABC Stump can remove hedges of any length, size, and thickness very quickly. We cut down the hedge and grind the many small stumps/roots so the hedge will be completely gone.

Bush Removal

To ABC Stump a bush is the same as a small hedge and we remove them very quickly, making way for you to plant grass, trees, or an different plant.

Tree Removal Service

We have partnered with reputable Tree Removal companies to help you make the right choice, please contact us for details.

Price Guide

  • Stump Removal Starting @ $94.99 for 12″ or less diameter stump and increasing by $5.00 per inch on stumps greater than 12″

Stump Removal Starting as low as $94.99

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